9 Highly Effective Order Review Pages to Inspire Your Own

An order review page is almost always the final place a customer goes before they make a purchase. At this point, they’ve probably done their research, considered competitor products, know the price and details related to your product, and are ready to buy. If the page is easy to understand and causes no confusion, odds are that your customer will press the “Make Purchase” button with no hesitation. But, if the page feels vague, unprofessional, and doesn’t give full product details, the customer might pause and worry that they’re purchasing the wrong product or giving their money to a less-trustworthy company. On the other end of the spectrum, if the page includes advertisements, excess images, a complex navigation bar, and other unnecessary elements, the customer might get distracted, click away from the order page, and take longer to make a purchase. As you design your ecommerce site, you might wonder, “What do I need on this page to seal the deal?” The truth is, you just need to keep it simple. Think of order reviews[…]

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