How Paramount Pictures Used 360° Video for an Ad Campaign

To promote the release of Mission: Impossible – Fallout starring Tom Cruise, Paramount Pictures chose to leverage the power of an emerging content medium: 360° video. Cruise is known to do all of his own stunts, Paramount decided to use a particularly thrilling helicopter chase scene in their 360° campaign. As possibly the most difficult scene in terms of the film’s production, Tom Cruise not only flies a helicopter, but also dangles from one by his arms and legs. The 360° video advertisement takes audiences behind the scenes with Cruise as he performs these larger-than-life stunts. Viewers sit right next to him while he pilots a helicopter through narrow passages and provides commentary on the experience alongside the film’s director, Christopher McQuarrie. Cruise is adamant about avoiding green screens, and thus, this scene and 360° trailer were shot entirely in the sky. The 360° format proves effective in providing viewers a highly dynamic and engaging experience. Of course, there’s aesthetic and entertainment appeal in such a piece of content, but perhaps more importantly, viewers immerse[…]

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