Why Email Blasts Should Be a Relic of the Past

This year, I noticed I’ve recycled a record amount of paper. But it’s not because I’m on a mission to save as many trees as possible. It’s because I never open any of the mail I receive. Most of the physical mail that appears in my mailbox are self-serving sales pitches or coupons from brands that somehow collected my personal information. And since the only traits of mine that they know are my name and address, they can only guess what my actual needs and interests are. Needless to say, most of the mail they send me is irrelevant and unwarranted, and every time I see their marketing messages in my mailbox, I happily pitch them in the recycling bin. In the email marketing world, direct mail’s digital twin still skulks around in email inboxes everywhere, even though online marketers have access to information that can enable them to personalize their marketing materials to each member of their target audience. They’re called email blasts. Why Brands Shouldn’t Send Email Blasts Anymore Your audience and ISPs[…]

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