The Personality Traits of Top Marketing Leaders

We all know a great leader when we see one, but it can be tricky to identify the particular traits that enable certain people to lead teams to success, influence their community, and create positive change. Digital marketing is an industry with an abundance of inspiring and innovative leaders across all facets of the industry. From SEO, Paid Ads, Email, Content, Social, and everything in between, successful individuals are innovating the processes that we already know and inspiring their teams, as well as their online followers. In this new original research, my team at Fractl sought out to determine what makes these inspiring figures tick. Which characteristics, traits, and personality types are common among the most successful marketing leaders? How do your most trusted marketing professionals compare to other influencers in the industry? Using IBM’s Watson Personality Insights, we were able to determine the top (and bottom) traits among 2019 top digital marketing leaders across the spectrum. From Neil Patel to Seth Godin, and from Amy Vernon to Mari Smith, we break down the personalities[…]

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