The #1 Quality Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed & Other Advice from Jules Pieri

Have you ever heard a cool product idea from a friend, a coworker, an aunt, and thought — Why isn’t that on the market already? Undoubtedly, we’ve all had those experiences. And yet, by and large, it’s typically major corporations like Amazon, or retail giants like Target, that get their products more quickly and easily in front of consumers — even when their ideas aren’t necessarily best. Fortunately, there is an opportunity for your neighbor’s friend’s product to get in front of the masses — and its called The Grommet, an online discovery platform and marketplace. Started by Jules Pieri and Joanne Domeniconi, The Grommet’s purpose is to help entrepreneurs and small businesses get their innovative, exciting ideas in front of millions of people. For the past ten years, The Grommet has evaluated 300 submissions a week, and chosen the top three percent — including incredibly successful products like FitBit, OtterBox, and SodaStream. However, The Grommet isn’t the only thing remarkable about Jules Pieri — she’s also been named one of Fortune’s Most Powerful Women[…]

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