Every Question You’ve Ever Had About Keywords, Answered

For a long time, digital marketers organized their entire content calendar around specific keywords. They’d work with their teams to brainstorm core keywords relevant to their products or services, as well as all the variations of that keyword most likely to bring them high-converting traffic. And, ultimately, it worked. Users from around the world could enter specific search terms into a search engine and, if their intent matched your keywords, they’d land on your site. Unfortunately, as time went on, publications began stuffing irrelevant, poorly-written content with specific keywords just to get more traffic. Search engines weren’t helping users find the information they needed anymore, because searches weren’t going to relevant information — they were just going to a keyword-stuffed filler page. Eventually, search engines realized they had to adapt to account for bad content. As search engines, largely led by Google and its constantly-changing search algorithm, became more advanced, the power of keywords waned in favor of a more contextual-based approach to content. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see a plethora of articles with[…]

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