This Old-School Marketing Tactic is Far from Dead — And Yields Large Rewards

Even though things seem to change at an alarmingly quick rate, they will continue to improve even faster. Today technology makes it easy to problem solve and continue to come up with new business ideas. Speaking of coming up with new business ideas, heard of crowdsourcing? This “old-school” marketing tactic may have sprung up in the 1990s and even as early as the 1700s, but today it continues to be a powerful way for companies to come up with ideas and improve existing products and services. Let’s see what the many benefits of crowdsourcing are. What is crowdsourcing? According to the founder of Crowdsourcing Week, Epi Ludvik, who Entrepreneur interviewed for the article, crowdsourcing is an incredible way to collect ideas for a company or cause. See what else he has to say about crowdsourcing and its many benefits below: I’ve always said that crowdsourcing is about passions, talents, skills and tangible resources facilitated by high tech platforms. Crowdsourcing can take place on many different levels and across various industries. Thanks to our growing connectivity,[…]

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