How Building a Community Can Scale an Online Business

The word community is a beautiful word. It is from a Latin word meaning “things shared by many or all,” this beautiful word perfectly explains our need to connect with others. One of the Internet’s amazing strengths is its ability to have people connect in a community online. Whether it’s by commenting on a blog, socializing on Instagram, or posting of Facebook, the online community continues to grow. We explain just important it is to foster a community during free webinar training and how to use it to develop a business. Speaking of building a company, let’s learn some tips on how a community can scale an online business! CIO provides the perfect explanation of what community is all about and how it benefits a brand. Generally speaking, a “community” as it relates to online marketing is simply some means for users to interact with each other. A Facebook Group could be considered a community, as could a forum or a meet-up site. But what makes these communities valuable? When they’re focused on a specific[…]

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