The Simplest Business Model Online: Sharing Content With an Audience

Since we’re hosting a free training session this week about what I think is the #1 simplest business model around I thought we should talk about this topic. You’ve probably heard the term “content marketing” before, but the name doesn’t give a good impression of what content marketing really is or why it is so effective. At its core, the content marketing business model is all about building an audience by sharing content. Naturally, there’s a bit more to it than that, but it really is the simplest business model online, so let’s take a look at how it really works. Before you read below, you should register for the session since its a time limited thing. Click here to register & then come right back. Sometimes the media likes to declare that content marketing is dead. Of course, it’s not.  Content marketers have built their business out of creating content and sharing it. In fact, content marketing has been around – and really effective – since before the Internet even existed. Before we dive into[…]

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