The 7 Best Link Shorteners to Try Instead of Google URL Shortener

Trying to convince people to click on a long, jumbled link is almost as bad as a door-to-door salesman trying to sell people financial services. Needless to say, if your audience sees a link they perceive to be spammy in one of your social media posts, they’ll do the digital equivalent of slamming the door in your face — scroll past it To avoid being perceived as spammy or sloppy when you have a legitimate link to share, check out our list of the seven best link shorteners that’ll clip your links into clean, consistent, and clickable URLs. URL Shortener URL shorteners not only trim your links into polished URLs, but they also let you track the performance of your individual links. Some URL shorteners even offer branded link options. For example, a branded link for this blog post would look something like “”. What are the benefits of using link shorteners? Using link shorteners can benefit your brand in three main ways: 1. When you post long links on social media, it can look[…]

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