Why You Shouldn’t Try to Rank #1 on Google

Do you know what the number one email request I get is? Come on, take a guess. What do you think it is? Ok, its people asking me for money. But, do you know what the second most common email request I get is? Companies asking me to rank them number 1 on Google for a specific term. And I have to say, it’s a big waste of time for you to focus all of your energy on ranking number 1 on Google for a specific term or even a handful of terms. Just take a look at my site… here’s my Google traffic over the last 31 days: As you can see from the graph, I’m generating 2,375,455 organic visits from search engines each month. And can you guess how many keywords I’m tracking when it comes to my rankings? A big fat ZERO! I’m not saying I don’t do SEO, I’m saying I don’t focus on rankings. Can you increase your search traffic without tracking rankings? The short answer is yes. As you saw[…]

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