11 Spooktacular Online Halloween Marketing Ideas

Trick or treat! Not, not yet, but before everyone knows it, Halloween will be here! That brings us to something important to discuss: It’s essential to ramp up the marketing efforts during Halloween. Halloween has lots of tricks, and promotions must have tons of treats! A frightfully fun marketing campaign will greatly improve a website’s reach. Plus, it should bring in more sales. In addition to joining us for ourĀ free webinar trainingĀ to learn how to bring in more traffic, here are some spooky and easy promotions. These promotions will hopefully spook customers into coming back to your site for more! Small Business Trends has a few fantastic ideas, which are to host a virtual trick-or-treat event and give “treats” with purchases. Get creative and come up with some ideas based on how your customers have responded in the past. It should pay off! Host a Virtual Trick-or-Treat Event for Your Halloween Marketing Campaigns You can also team up with other businesses to get people shopping and give away free gifts as part of an online[…]

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