So a New Startup is Up and Running — Now What?

It’s an exciting time when forming a new business and hoping it’ll take off. Taking the plunge can be nerve-racking, but it can also be the greatest thing someone ever did. so now that a startup is up and running… now what? Here are some tips to keep in mind while embarking on the journey of setting up a new online business. We also offer some tricks of the trade during our free webinar training, so we hope to see you there!  For starters, Entrepreneur says not to get hung up on just one type of message. As your business changes, so will your messaging. Tailor your marketing strategy based on how your customers evolve, otherwise, you may get left behind.  Your messaging has to evolve with your company We didn’t stop our tried and true marketing, but as we grew were deliberate in adding messages that we felt customers needed to know. We settled on two main messages: 1) we’re a holistic men’s care brand (not just a razor company), and 2) we’re omnichannel:[…]

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