14 of the Best WordPress Survey Plugins

Are your users happy with your website, or are you simply assuming they are? Whether you’re looking to improve the user experience on your website, increase your customer satisfaction, or simply learn more about your visitors, embedding a survey on your website is the fastest way to get the feedback you need. Ultimately, knowledge is power. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best WordPress plugins to collect user feedback on your website — without the need for a developer.   1. Survey Anyplace Image Source Survey Anyplace allows you to create fun surveys, quizzes, and assessment tests for your WordPress website. The free version is very generous. You can choose from a wide variety of question types to get the feedback you need — such as ratings, slide bars, or image choices, as well as traditional open-ended and multiple choice questions. Additionally, you can use basic question logic-skip to ensure you’re not asking redundant questions, based off a respondent’s previous answers. If you don’t know what to ask your[…]

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