How do I become a good singer if I have no natural talent for it?

As hilarious as this is going to sound, the first thing you need to do is just sing all of the time. Every song you know on the radio (actively try to hum along with songs you don’t know), every song that gets stuck in your head, you even have to mimic the tonal inflections people use when they talk (Um not directly to them, that may perceived negatively). I’m gonna guess that you’re one of those people that thinks that they’re "tone deaf". You’re not. Like, it’s physically impossible for that to happen unless you have nerve damage in your ears or brain damage in your temporal lobes. If you can carry conversation, you have a basic ability to recognize tone changes and produce your own. Conversation itself is a play of rising and falling tones. That’s the first step. That step is to begin the training of your ear and your vocal range. The next step is to try to mimic singular notes. Like, play a note, and try to sing it exactly.[…]

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