The Two-Step Process for Getting Genuine Reviews on Amazon

Ever since I started playing guitar in elementary school, the only online tablature I’ve trusted to teach me how to play my favorite songs have the highest quantity and quality of ratings. To me, a substantial amount of people vetting a certain tab for accuracy and giving it a five-star rating means that it’s the best tab out there. It also saves me a ton of time from having to compare every single tab’s accuracy to one other. If you sell products on Amazon, the same principle applies. Reviews are crucial for driving sales on Amazon. Humans evolved to follow the crowd and assume that the majority is always right, so the more reviews you have and the better their ratings, the more credible and trustworthy customers will perceive your products to be. However, according to analyses conducted by the Washington Post and Fakespot, a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to assess the trustworthiness of reviews left on Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Best Buy, Walmart, and more, over 60% of customer reviews in the electronics, beauty,[…]

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