6 Unforgivable Mistakes Businesses Make With Blog Content

Whether a blog is new or old, sometimes it’s hard to get incredible results. As a new blog it can be especially challenging to grow an audience and make money, but taking the time to learn new skills (and we discuss many on our free webinar training) can pay off big time. We took the time to compile some of the biggest mistakes bloggers make to prevent others from making the same errors. Read over these mistakes carefully to improve blogging tactics and get the results a business craves. You’re not writing with your audience in mind It may sound like a no brainer to write with your audience in mind, but many writers make a mistake by assuming they know their readers/customers when they don’t. Take the time to understand your audience by observing which posts get the most traffic or if you’re selling products, which products are selling the most. Write about topics they would like to see as Hubspot recommends and you’ll help your brand grow tenfold. Mistake 1: You think of[…]

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