How to Upload Documents and Presentations on LinkedIn

Does this content marketing formula sound (very) familiar? Create content Publish content on my company’s website or blog Post the link on all my social channels Cross fingers and hope my audience bites This is a foundational play in most marketing playbooks — and sometimes, it works. But waiting and hoping to see if your audience can be convinced to click a link back to your website isn’t the only option marketers have anymore. In April 2019, LinkedIn announced that users can now upload documents and presentations to the platform. Instead of having to convince users to take an extra step back to your website, you can now meet them where they’re already spending a lot time — their LinkedIn feeds. Have a deck from a recent talk you gave? Or maybe an ebook your company wants to distribute to a relevant audience? This new feature enables you to post content assets directly to your feed for your followers to view without needing to download a file or visit a new location. To give you[…]

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