6 Facebook Video Marketing Tips That Will Help You Increase Views

Do you know how many videos get viewed by Facebook monthly users? Well, there are over 8 billion videos viewed every day, which is equivalent to 100 million hours of videos. Is yours one of them? If not, imagine how much you’re missing out. Your competition is already taking advantage of the numbers. Additionally, Facebook is highly dynamic with things changing every other day. Since it seems like every business is doing it, you have to stand out from the crowd for Facebook video marketing to work for your brand. With help from the following tips and other share Facebook features, you will stay ahead of the game. 1. Capture Your Audience’s Attention within the First Few Seconds Your video doesn’t need to have sound to catch someone’s attention. Remember it’s all about the first impression. You must impress the audience for them to set aside what they were doing. How exactly will you captivate users? First, you need to play around with the video thumbnails. Custom thumbnails are the perfect example. Have a title[…]

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