Use Video to Spice Up the Content on Less Visited Pages

A website can be visited by hundreds or thousands of users each day. There’s typically a goal to funnel these visitors to the more profitable pages of a site. However, the pages that aren’t visited as frequently also need some love. One way to keep users engaged on these pages while also providing necessary information is to add videos. Videos are easy to digest and can provide an abundance of information. They also market a brand or product. From How-Tos to 404s, let’s dive into how adding video can better a site’s lesser visited pages. Show Users ‘About’ Yourself Your About Us page is where you introduce your business to users. This page should include your company’s story while familiarizing users with the backstory of key products or services. It must explain why your company is the solution to the user’s problem. It’s also a good idea to add material about company leaders, departments, and staff. Adding videos creates a more complete presentation of your company. There’s a true sense of your business’s personality that[…]

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