6 Ways to Waste Precious Content Marketing Time

Content marketing is all about coming up with compelling content that provides value. It also is not directly promotional but still should entice a reader to want to learn more about a business. Digital content is available in various forms from videos, eBooks, blogs, and more. Do content marketing the right way, and an online company will drive traffic to their site and convert an audience. We divulge secrets on how to do during our free webinar training. It’s easy to waste time on tasks that won’t grow a company, and that’s what we focus on in this article. Don’t spend that precious time when it’s imperative to build a business into a profitable one! 1. Lacking direction If you’re lacking direction Content Marketing Institute says that’s not a good thing. However, if you realize you lack direction, it’s up to you to zero in on what needs fixing. Come up with a solution or ask friends for advice on what they would do to improve your online business.  Not having clear and measurable objectives[…]

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