Create an Incredible Distribution Plan and Watch Traffic Explode

The distribution phase for any online business is when the promotion of content marketing begins. Goals, tactical choices, audience insights, and creative techniques get put into motion. With so many other sites competing for an audience’s attention, it’s vital to promote content. And we often discuss this during our free webinar training. By giving content exposure, it can help a business succeed. To set the stage for content engagement, discovery, and performance, check out some tips below on how to create a robust distribution plan and increase traffic.   When setting up your distribution plan, Content Marketing Institute recommends exploring media platform options. You can also get familiar with three of the leading platforms, which is shared media, original content, and paid media.  Explore your media platform options Content distribution opportunities typically fall into one of three platform categories: Owned media: Your brand owns and controls these content and distribution channels, such as your websites, email, newsletters, and (to a degree) social media accounts. However, it can be challenging to condition audiences to visit these outposts[…]

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