Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat: Which Stories Are People Actually Watching?

While Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat seem like incredibly different platforms, there’s one thriving feature that all three have in common: Stories. By now, many of us have used or viewed a Story on a social media platform. This content serves as a way to chronicle our daily lives, vacations, and interesting outings. Stories also allow us to tap into our creative or highly visual side. As video platforms continue to expand, this type of feature won’t be losing steam any time soon. Marketers have also become quite Story-savvy. On any given platform with this feature, you can find a number of brands using Stories to publish educational content related to their industry, show how-tos related to their products, or display customer testimonials. As brands experiment with linking Stories to online content, they’re finding that the strategy can actually generate significant traffic. Stories provide a number of solid marketing opportunities across platforms. And, right now, the question marketers are asking isn’t, “Should I publish Stories?” Instead, they might be wondering, “Which social platform should I publish[…]

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