How 7 Entrepreneurs Built Ultra-Profitable Websites in Weird Niches

Entrepreneurship is all about spotting opportunity and then capitalizing on it. Especially when it comes to online entrepreneurship, there’s a lot of focus on finding a niche opportunity. It’s a big landscape out there for clever entrepreneurs, with lots of unexplored topography to carve out a profitable little place for yourself. Of course, there are sub-niches within well-known, evergreen topic areas that pretty much always sell — fitness, dating, weight loss, making money, that kind of thing. But there are also quite a few small hobby communities out there that you would never even think of, let alone figure out a way to monetize. This topic is particularly interesting right now because we’re hosting a free training session this week about the simplest business model around, and niche-selection is just one item to be covered. Before you read below, make sure you register for the session, since it’s a time-limited event. Click here to register & then come right back. If you can pinpoint these kinds of curious, ultra-concentrated niches, there’s a lot  of money[…]

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