Here’s How to Create a Word of Mouth Strategy and Skyrocket Referral Sales

It’s becoming more and more challenging to generate sales. With the competition so fierce, having a beautiful looking website isn’t enough to make it stand out from the rest. Succeeding online takes more than just squeezing as much as possible out of small opportunities. But there’s a powerful strategy that often gets neglected by online businesses. Just ask us during our free webinar training — this strategy is very underrated, which is why if you can master it, you’ll be a step ahead of your competitors. It’s called word of mouth marketing, and it’s something that if done correctly, can skyrocket referral sales. So what is word of mouth marketing? Before social media, word of mouth meant friends and family were telling other people in their circle. Even though word of mouth in the traditional sense still happens, now it has transformed into something more social on the web. Big Commerce explains it quite well below: Word of mouth marketing (WOMM), also called word of mouth advertising, is the social media era’s version of simple[…]

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